Joan Albarella

Katharine Hepburn's Brownies- a new play by Joan Albarella is a murder mystery about a plastic surgeon who goes to prison for the death of one of his patients. When he gets out, his wife suffers from a mysterious malady. Her college roommates: the scientist, the actress, and the minister band together to try and save her life. Their catty and competitive exchanges are funny and poignant, and the ending will leave everyone wondering if secrets lead to murder and if lies can last forever. The play premiered November 2009 at the Woodbox Theater in Niagara Falls, New York.

is a new book of poems by Joan. It is available at Kindle, and your local bookstore. It is a collection of thoughts expected and unexpected; humorous and bittersweet; anger, frustration and mostly love. What more could anyone want?

"...the writing process is also a life process--as we write and rewrite... we are channeling our best energies to the page, right along with the philosophic changes of our souls one day to the next, the experience of having other people touch us (both positive and negative) and our expanded learning, whether from having a relationship or bending down to see snow crystals on a flower."
 author Vicki P. McConnell
                        NEWEST NOVEL!

Sister Amnesia by Joan Albarella

"Sister Jane's life is saved by a Goth-looking young woman, who hits her head and loses her memory. Who is she? And why is the IIA so interested in her? Sister Magdalene, Brother Samuel, and French Sister Mimi try to help but soon discover an even biggger secret. A shockingly funny book about finding your true home--on earth or above"...Meg Davis, UK Agent

"This is one Amnesia you'll never forget. don't look for a better novel; you'll find Nun"...Jerry Reiter, author


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