Joan Albarella
About the Author

I grew up in a small suburb of Buffalo, New York called Gardenville. My neighbor was Charles Burchfield, the famous artist. I think the contrast between his realistic and surrealistic paintings is a symbolic parallel to my life. I was first published in high school, and I always return to writing poetry. My newest collection is Again For the First Time.  That followed; Mirror Me; Poems For the Asking; Women, Flowers, Fantasy, and Spirit and Joy, and over two-hundred individual poetry, essay, article, and short story publications in anthologies, magazines and newspapers.

I taught high school English, acted, directed, and wrote for children’s theater. I also coordinated a performing arts program for young people in need of supervision. I ran a small publishing company and worked in a print shop. I spent time visiting the ashram of Guru Maharaj Ji and the home of the  Sisters of Social Service. 
                Life continued to be a collection of contrasts as I worked as a Production Assistant for radio and television and a journalist/photographer for a Catholic newspaper. This was where I honed my skills in researching, interviewing, and writing dialog. I returned to teaching and became the first female full professor at the University of Buffalo Educational Opportunity Center.

My interest in oral histories led me to write firsthand accounts of the Civil Rights Movement and  two biographies about religious women. I am now writing biographical one-woman plays: Mother Cabrini's Mission to America; Always In My Heart: the Story of St. Marianne Cope; and Light and Dark: the Story of Sr. Judith Fenyvesi.

My Nikki Barnes Mystery Series; Agenda for Murder, Called to Kill, and Close to You and soon to be published, Ordained For Evil examines the grittier side of life and post-war trauma. They are in the genre of amateur detective where good always prevails over evil. I still write mysteries but Sister Amnesia is a humorous modern-day allegory about finding yourself and finding home. My play Katharine Hepburn's Brownies is about murder, attempted murder and the power of friendship.          


Eet eez why you must trust no one and tell no one about zee spaceship. If you do, we wheel all go poof and end up living in San Francisco

from Sister Amnesia

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"Each and every character, no matter how small their role, is captivating and entertaining" Sandra Morris, author By the Sea Shore.
"I couldn't put this one down either..." She Magazine.

"...she's invvincible, escaping several attacks to kick butt and save the day." Publishers Weekly.

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