Joan Albarella

   Katharine Hepburn's Brownies
                                  A New Play by
                                            Joan Albarella

This humorous mystery deals with female friendship and the search for truth. A plastic surgeon loses a patient and his license. His wife suddenly suffers from an inexplicable malady. Her eclectic group of college girlfriends gather for a reunion/ birthday celebration. Secrets are shared, someone dies, and lies go on forever.


  New Poetry

Expected and Unexpected

Funny and Bittersweet

Lonliness, longing, love

The Lady Walks at Night

The fog brushes the ocean
With seagull wings.
The moon is half-way hidden
In cranberry clouds.
The Lady walks at night
In thoughts of deep green seas
Of dark-skinned men
Of endless dreams
That never materialize



a novel by Joan Albarella


What do you get when modern-day nuns take in a punk rocker amnesiac and at the same time  try to save the
daughter of a space alien who speaks  in television cliches?

A lot of laughs and a good read! Is it a mystery? Is it a science fiction novel?  Or is it simply a study in faith? By the time you've finished  Sister Amnesia, you may decide that it's all of the above and more.


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photo by Chris Collins
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